Clients JRH Productions Have Worked With

From Metal, to Pop, to Classical

Tyrannos – Beneath The Pharaonic Necropolis


Silura – Chains EP


REGAN – Broken Promises


Cryptic Shift – Cosmic Dreams


Paper Champ – Easily L.E.D


Cryptic Shift – Beyond The Celestial Realms EP

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“Working with JRH Productions was extremely easy, there was constant contact throughout the entire process as well as regular updates to make sure the best product was achieved. Would definitely use again and would definitely recommend!”A Promise To Forget
“I had the privilege of briefly working with Jack on one episode of a six part sitcom series. Each episode was having a six day turn around until it had to be delivered to be aired and unfortunately our sound designer who we had lined up to do it had to let us down. Fortunately Jack came to the rescue and with only one day to complete a twenty-two minute sound design he managed to deliver a leveled sound track and corrected all obvious errors. Jack really came through for us and without his help and expertise we would never have met our deadline”Lee Anthony Reilly (Director of Missing the Point)
“Recording with Jack was very easy and enjoyable. I felt very comfortable talking about the various aspects of the song and was under no pressure to get the parts right as fast as humanly possible. When mixing the song he captured the atmosphere I desired perfectly (unlike other producers I have worked with). His passion to bring the song to life matched my own and made for a very positive working environment!”Tom Adams - Rafiki
“Working with Jack was my first time in a studio, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better engineer. He helped me feel totally at ease, and was really fun to work with. He really listened to the music to help shape our sound, and always took our ideas on board when offering input. Jack’s professionalism, recording expertise, and good humour were an absolute pleasure to work with.”Fingers Crossed
“Working with Jack was great. We had no trouble getting comfortable in the studio, which is always a massive help. Jack knows how to have a laugh in the studio, but he also manages to squeeze the best performance out of you. With regards to receiving our mixes, Jack was able to give us a finished and polished product within an astoundingly quick time frame. We’re definitely going to work with him again!”KEEPER
“Working with Jack was a very straightforward experience, he listened to what I wanted for the sound of the project and did an excellent job creating that. He was professional, and worked with a good sense of time. I really would not hesitate to work with Jack again in the future!”Approach of Nibiru