Preparing for the future

I’m certain anyone who works in digital audio will enjoy the prospect of finding new plugins to use in their productions. And I’m almost certain that most people who’re new to this industry will get frustrated when their system struggles and can’t handle that many effects and plugins.

My MacBook Pro is dinky, I bought it stock and it’s specs are 13″ screen with 2.4GHz dual core i5 with 4GB RAM (later upgraded to 16GB) and did it suffer from system overloads from using too many plugins and effects?

You bet it did!

So imagine what was going through my head when I upgraded to a 27″ iMac with a 3.5GHz quad core i7.

“Installing all of these plugins is going to be a nightmare! Migrating files, copying stuff here and there…” you’re thinking.

Well…you couldn’t be more wrong.

As soon as I got into music production I knew that I would be expanding in the future so I made sure I kept all the installers for all of my plugins and this made for such a stress free migration to the new iMac.

If you plan to upgrade in the future I recommend you keep all of your installers for your software on a separate hard drive because you never know when a new computer will be appearing or a system goes haywire and needs a fresh install!

The new system is a beast and handles my previous system with ease.

I love it.

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