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So if you listen to metal, chances are you’ll have listened to something mixed by Andy Sneap.

He’s done a shit load of metal ranging from old school classics like Accept, Megadeth & Testament to some of the more modern acts like Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, Unearth, Trivium & Opeth, to name but a few.

Long story short, on my 23rd birthday I ended up at his studio and it was freakin’ AWESOME!

We spent the afternoon together and discussed a ton of different things ranging from pre production, our Kempers, guitar pickups, engineering techniques, record labels, mixing, cats and curry. The man LOVES a spicy curry!

Whilst I was there I learned how to develop so many things about my own workflow just from studying his for a few hours.

We even went through and deconstructed a few mixes which really put things into perspective for me.

I gotta admit, when he asked to listen to one of my own mixes I was pretty terrified…but it didn’t end up bad at all! My mix translated across to his system nicely and he didn’t have anything negative to say.

It was a total fanboy day for me and I loved every minute of it. Some of the things we talked about have helped me with my own development and I am so grateful for him letting a big ol’ music nerd like me crash at his for a few hours.

Oh yeh, and remember how I said he liked curry? Well I even got to go out for one with him and my girlfriend.



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