Knowing who you're working with

The more we deal with bands, the better we develop an understanding of who we are working with and how we can develop a relationship with them.

This is why it’s vital to know who we’re working with! Make sure you know what you’re recording, what their members are like, their influences and ultimately their artistic vision.

I recently began pre production with a band and we focussed on what is possibly the most hectic part of the recording process – drums.

Working with one of the members one on one gave me the ability to see what to expect from working together, whilst also allowing us to nail a sound that we like and can come back to in the future.

Here are a few tips for working with new people:

  1. Understand the band’s music -Listen to the band and notice what makes them stand out from other bands. These discernible features can help define a style or genre and if you understand their musical vision you can further help them ‘find their sound’.
  2. Are they comfortable in the studio? Being in the studio is a totally different environment and can be very daunting to newer musicians. Make them feel comfortable and the session should flow nicely.
  3. Who do they want to sound like? Most bands/musicians will have an idea of want they want to sound like. If you have no idea how to tackle a band’s sound, then ask them for a reference track or two and you’re gonna be closer to knowing what they want!

Hope this helps you and feel free to discuss things you do with bands in the comments!

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