The First Meeting

As I’ve mentioned before in the past I feel it is crucial for the producer/engineer of the record to meet up with the band and discuss what they want to achieve from the project.

That may seem nice and easy to figure out but there is a lot of stuff that you may need to cover that a lot of people don’t think of.

Here’s a few issues that I make sure I mention:

  • Songs and specific info such as tempos, key signatures etc
  • Equipment they have and what they want to achieve ‘sonically’
  • Costs/expenses
  • Schedules/best days for recording
  • How they want to record certain instruments

And the list goes on.

Now whilst these things help clear up what day is best to record or what vintage amp your client wants on the record, what it also helps do is build a relationship with the band/artist.

Building relationships are super important because it could result in repeat work from the band or them passing you onto their mates for more work!

Ask the right questions and you’ll be making your job a lot easier!

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