I offer a number of additional services that can be included in mixing for your project:

  • Composing – Do you require additional instrumentation or song writing? Using a host of software libraries I can compose and perform extra musical pieces, which can be used to add dynamic contrast and excitement to your project.
  • Drum Replacement – The use of sample replacement and reinforcement is found in most modern music and contributes to the massive sound that can be found in any current production. Enquire about the different types of drum replacement available.
  • Drum Programming – Simply put, I will write an entire MIDI performance for your song with appropriate velocity mapping and quantization to ensure the performance maintains a human feel.
  • Editing – Do you have parts of your song that need editing to make the performance tight? Enquire about what types of editing services are available for your project.
  • Guitar Services – If you wish for additional guitar performances in your project these can be composed, performed and recorded for you.
  • Live Recording – Interested in capturing a live band recording to provide music to your fans in a different and unique way? Enquire about a live recording!
  • MIDI Drum Processing – Already arranged and written MIDI drums for your song? Do you want it processed through the likes of Toontrack/Steven Slate software? Ask about MIDI drum processing and what libraries are available.
  • Reamping – Not satisfied with your guitar tones? Reamping allows for your performances to be run through different amps and processors. A DI of the guitar and bass performance is required for reamping.  Reamping will provide: 1 bass track, 2 rhythm guitar tracks and up to 3 lead guitar tracks.  Send me a message for more info.

If you’re interested in any of these services send me a message with your project and we can discuss things further!