Mixing ensures that all of the elements in your music have the clarity, punch and audibility needed to make your music sound the best.  I achieve dynamic mixes with crisp production that showcase each member’s contribution to the music.

Before sending your files off for mixing, here are a few things to remember when preparing your files:

  • Record all audio in at least 24bit, a higher bit depth give more dynamic range when recording and mixing.
  • Try to prevent the individual audio levels on your tracks from exceeding 0dBFS [I like to aim for -10dBFS!] within your DAW, this helps to minimize clipping whilst also allowing for adequate gain staging when mixing.
  • If providing unprocessed DI files, please record with a quality DI box or Hi-Z input. Instrument inputs ARE different to line inputs, so please don’t confuse the two!
  • Name your tracks in the order you want them, this makes the process of importing tracks much easier – for example 01 Kick, 02 Snare, 03 Tom 1 etc
  • Ensure all tracks are the same length when exporting from your DAW, this means everything lines up as it should do when being imported into the mix session.
  • Turn off any normalization and dithering when exporting your songs from your DAW.
  • Turn off any plugins or processing unless the effect is specific to the song.
  • Remember to include any midi files, even if the audio has been bounced in place/exported.

Do you live in a different country? Distance is no concern anymore!

Upload your audio to a secure file transfer site such as Copy or Dropbox and your files can be sent via the Internet with ease.

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Send me a message if you’re interested in me mixing your project!